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Who is Pelosi Kidding?

pelosiHypocrisy is never pretty.  In May, Democrats were giddy, ready to sucker-punch Trump.  They had him.  Knowing American workers needed job protection and unemployment benefits, that small employers needed payroll protection, COVID liability waivers, and payroll tax deferrals, and that airlines needed cash to avoid fall furloughs, Pelosi took $500 billion in needs – and bumped it to $3 trillion.  She then passed her mega-bill and pushed the Senate and President.

It was all a ploy.  Every member in both parties knew this socialist spending bill had no chance in the Senate, let alone with Trump.  It was a political tool, letting far left Democrats run on socialism, and moderate Democrats run on needed aid – arguing Republicans did not care.

Cynical, yes – but Pelosi’s plan was to force the Republican Senate and Trump to accept her $3 trillion bill or say “no,” allowing Democrats to run their “no.”  Of course, Republicans said “no,” calling her $3 trillion abomination “absurd.”

What she did not bank on was Trump and Senate Republicans standing firm, the President explaining her cynical ploy to Americans, and then issuing “Executive Orders” (EO’s) and presidential memoranda to get the job done.

One continued federal unemployment benefits at $300 per week, down from $600 which disincentivized work, as Democrats prepared to let them lapse.  That Trump memo aimed “to quickly provide billions of dollars in relief to supplement unemployment benefits and help businesses keep their workers employed, in addition to zeroing Federal student loan interest and delaying Tax Day.” See,

A second act allowed “employers to suspend collection of some Social Security taxes” through end of 2020, no adverse effects on retirement benefits.  A third set of actions reduced healthcare costs, helping seniors.  See,;

Importantly for America’s seniors, the President signed big EO’s all summer.  They added to earlier Trump efforts.  In 2017, Trump ended Obamacare’s “individual mandate penalty,” and restored “Choice and Competition” with EO 13813.  That saved Americans millions in jacked-up premiums for less care.  Trump expanded employer reimbursements, added small business access, health savings accounts, and chronic condition coverage.

Rejecting Pelosi’s “poison pill,” Trump worked to address COVID all summer.  In EO 13941 – “Improving Rural Health and Telehealth Access” – he expanded access, then pushed “State Relief and Empowerment Waivers” to allow states flexibility to cut costs.  That built on savings from more “generic drug approvals,” which reportedly saved consumers $26 billion.  See,

In EO 13937 – “Access to Affordable Life-Saving Medications” – Trump gave low income Americans access to insulin and injectable epinephrine at record low prices. In EO 13938 – “Increasing Drug Importation to Lower Prices for American Patients” – Trump allowed safe import of low-cost Canadian drugs.

In EO 13939 – “Lowering Prices for Patients by Eliminating Kickbacks to Middlemen” – Trump eliminated middleman gouging, assuring drug discounts get passed to patients at pharmacy counters – without increased premiums or taxes.  Finally, in EO 13948 – “Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First” – Trump assured Medicare patients get the lowest prices, by pegging them to comparable foreign prices.

The President did not stop there.  On September 24, he issued the “America First Healthcare Plan.”  That EO further slashes healthcare costs.  In a litany of new and consolidated actions, he pushed costs lower – so average Americans are not disadvantaged by Congressional inaction.

These executive actions – creating life-saving options for struggling individuals, often older Americans – occurred without congressional action.  Not just compassionate, they were vital. The irony is extreme – as a Democrat Speaker continues to stop relief, claiming she cannot pass a “skinny” $500 billion bill.  No Congress in US history would call that bill “skinny.”

The Republican’s $500 billion bill would save businesses – and jobs.  That would include COVID liability waivers, preventing trial lawyers from crippling small businesses, as well as $257 billion for Payroll Protection Plans, $105 billion for schools, more for COVID-related needs, including aid for airlines. That is not enough.  Pelosi prefers to blame Republicans for not doing more – by doing nothing.

Now comes the “cherry on top.”  Pelosi is now telling airline workers, who happen to live in “swing states,” she will help.  She is asking they suck it up, not furlough tens of thousands, as she is with them. Really?  Airlines are devasted, and she plays her “socialism-or-bust” game.

Let us be clear:  Speaker Pelosi is on Speaker Pelosi’s side – not the side of airline workers.  She prevailed on Senate Democrats to defeat the Republican alternative, blocking cloture in September – not allowing Senate leaders to secure the 60 votes needed to move a rescue bill.

For airline workers?  Hardly.  She is for what will defeat Trump – Russia collusion, Ukraine confusion, impeachment, fanning riots, defunding police, stopping nominees, blocking aid to Americans, holding up relief.  She has spun a story, getting media to run headlines like “Mass Airline Layoffs in Swing States Would Further Imperil Trump,” imagining she will profit from their anguish, blaming Trump – as she encourages voters to for riots in Democrat cities.;

The irony is acute, and cynicism profound.  Still, silver linings peek from that dark cloud over airline workers – and America.  First, Trump is working on executive action to give relief.  Second, “swing states” are like saloon doors – they swing both ways. If Democrats are understood to be holding airline workers – and others – hostage for socialist goals, swing voters in those swing states could swing to Trump.

Third, playing politics with people’s lives is unconscionable; the longer Pelosi’s gamble continues, the more obvious and indefensible it becomes.  Finally, the witching hour is here, since the long-awaited election, furloughs, and need for action converge.  Trump has used his executive powers, but Congress must now act.  Americans get it.  Who is Pelosi kidding?

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1 month ago

While I agree with you RBC that Pelosi’s actions are unconscionable, many, many Democrat voters don’t possess the critical thinking skills to see through her obvious ploy. All most of them seem to see, due to this deficit in cognitive abilities, is that President Trump and the Republicans stand in the way of them getting another stimulus check or overly generous unemployment checks. Most Democrats don’t know that Pelosi’s bill is filled with $600 billion to $700 billion in items that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID-19 EMERGENCY RELIEF. Not only is there hundreds of billions of dollars to… Read more »

1 month ago

The country’s billionaires – Bezos, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Buffet, Steyer, etc are all big Dim donors and all have benefited greatly by the shutdowns. Total worth of billionaires has grown to $10.2 Trillion‼️ – all held by a small group of elite liberals. They don’t care if Pelosi helps the middle class. They benefit when every one is living paycheck to paycheck. Pelosi is a giant hypocrite and her base simple lacks the IQ to see what is being done to them

1 month ago

All I can say is that Pelosi is one disgusting women. A very selfish, controlling critter.

1 month ago

Come on California, fire Nancy and send her to dumpster of history. You might even get some of your self respect back in the process.

1 month ago

I hope and pray that there is someone running against Nancy out there in San Francisco . She’s an outrage. She never has tried to work with the President without holding out for goodies for DEMOCRATs . With Nancy , EVERYTHING FOR DEMOCRATs IS FIRST . Everything else is just bartering fodder . Nancy is the new Marie Antionette . She cares nothing for the American people .

Art A
1 month ago

Nancy DeLesandro(Pelosi)has a focus on destroying POTUS,bailing out the extremely ill Blue states,and trying to save her own hide from Bernie,AOC and their accomplices. SHE NEEDS TO BE IN POWER! She is in a fight to stay in power. If she doesn’t deliver plus the Progressive/Socialist/Communists don’t win,she will be done. MAGA/KAG/KAF 2020 TRUMP/PENCE

Josephine pooley
1 month ago

Please contnue to expose Pelosi for the wicked witch that she is!

1 month ago

The President knows what Pelosi and all the “insiders” never will. Most American voters will suffer if Biden is elected. Not just half. MOST. I am reading Jonah Goldberg’s book “Suicide of the West”. He is a never trumper. Even he knows that the majority and a much greater number than a majority are already suffering under creeping socialism. Our government is not a good manager but Obamacare nationalized health insurance already and power and energy are next. Here is Biden declaring that the green new deal will pay for itself. The Bidens have been paid and at least Jill… Read more »

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Many Americans are so numerically challenged that they think this country has so much money that we don’t know what to do with it. Sadly, they think that we haven’t even come close to bankrupting our country. These same ignorant people are also the same liberals and socialists who think it is our responsibility(?) to have open borders and hand out huge sums of money and services to illegals. Most of these reality challenged dreamers act like billions and trillions are relatively close in value. In fact, I would not be surprised if Pelosi herself has a very limited understanding… Read more »

1 month ago

If Biden’s plan is to increase taxes on the higher income cooperations and wage earners, why are all these billionaires and millionaires funding his campaign? I hope the idiots that vote Democrat don’t get what they think they want and get what they and everybody in our country get what we need. 4 more years of growth and a President really concerned with the issues of our country.

1 month ago

Pelosi is only kidding herself and her useful idiot followers.

Michael l Javick
1 month ago

Just this morning on the fake news–blaming Trump because the latest Covid scam bailout didn’t go…through the Senate–wahhhhhhhhhh

1 month ago

typical dumo thinking! wish the supporters would wake up and see the lite??

1 month ago

It is horribly sad that this list is shunned by CNN, MSNBC and the main stream media. They only spew hatred and disinformation about President Trump. Never do they even mention, in passing, his real accomplishments.

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson
1 month ago

Nitwit nancy does not care for the American People. She is only cares for her fellow poverty pimps and rich donors.

Frank J. Reedy
1 month ago

This entire ‘second stimulus’ is a ploy by the democrats to direct the country’s workforce and those not so inclined to accept a form of guaranteed annual wage. Remember Pelosi’s taunting ‘now artists and creative writers can enjoy health insurance’ after she and her Kenyan/Jakarta/Hawaii/Chicago nomadic president celebrated the introduction of Obamacare? These people seek nothing more than to desecrate capital and ingenuity in favor of sloth and the lower classes. Plain and simple. We are no longer at a political stalemate; we are confronting a destruction of the country politic, private property, and self determination. It is the state… Read more »

1 month ago

Hey, why are democrats so negative about everything? Because they have to lie too cover their real agenda!

James Kelly
1 month ago

Who is Pelosi Kidding?

Rita F. Silva
1 month ago

I have always said that the ONE bill that we need is the one that prevents the addition of anything that is not directly connected to that bill. In other words, a bill for the military cannot have anything added to it that is not directly connected to the military. In other words, NO MORE PORK!

David O'Neil
1 month ago

You talk about airline subsidies, what about the thousands of Bus Companies and all their employee’s going down for lack of work. Bus companies petitioned Washington month’s ago and have heard absolute nothing and get NO mentioin in any News Broadcasts.

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