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Without Law Enforcement, Crime and Anarchy Win

ReformAmericans need to keep their heads, look at police reform, but stand up for law enforcement.  Not to support the police and enforce our laws invites anarchy, and political chaos.  Appeals to disband, defund, and delegitimize police are patently dangerous – they make no sense.

Democrats who fail to condemn anti-police lawlessness, while mocking and blocking Black Republican Senator Tim Scott’s forward-leaning police reform bill, are playing with fire – literally.  Without fully funded police, and legal protections for good officers, law vanishes.

When 600 members of New York’s anti-crime unit were disbanded last week, shootings skyrocketed the first day, 28 incidents, 38 victims. As 300 New York police recover from riot injuries, 600 seek retirement, a 49 percent jump.  That phenomenon will spread, if not stopped.

In DC, career law enforcement officers are stripped by the DC Council of self-defense and non-lethal technologies, traditional means for keeping peace. Legal protections are removed, and federal agencies told not to help. What kind of madness is this? Who would want to stay on such a force?  In an officer poll, 71 percent said they will leave if the measure becomes permanent.  Where will that that leave DC police, a force already 52 percent Black and under pressure?

Nationally, only 16 percent of the public want to defund police, yet Democrats see this as a clever wedge issue. Truth is, they are wrong.  However much we want a flawless police force, transparency, consequences for egregious behavior, more money for social programs, society does not function without law enforcement.  However much we want equality, cutting police budgets will backfire.  Who answers 911 calls?  Social workers have no interest in that – just ask.

So, here we go – into a political season defined by anti-police protests, violent riots increasingly penetrated by radical leftists, documented Chinese ties, recycled members of the Weather Underground and former BLM – Black Liberation Movement.  The trend is not good.

In cities like Portland, Oregon, 911 calls are mounting.  In Atlanta, 911 calls are going unanswered.  In New York, crime is spiking.  This is what happens to professionalism, recruiting and retention when political leaders – like New York’s Democratic mayor, governor, and House members – fail to appreciate sacrifices made to protect them.

In cities across the United States, crime is surging, with police ambushes, reduced police budgets, and threats to qualified immunity – that is, discretion to act in self-defense without open-ended liability.  By example, homicides in Los Angeles jumped 250 percent in a week.

So, what is the answer?  The answer is not complicated.  It does take calm, responsible leadership – and civic engagement.  The answer is to remember rule of law is at risk. Only 900,000 police keep order for 326 million Americans.  That ratio, one to 362, is challenging.

Needed are three things:  Strong public support for local police, transparency and reform that does not devalue or defund the police, and a collective recollection that our republic is fragile.

On the first, let local officers know you respect them.  Find a way to tell them.  On the second, let congressional Democrats know you expect support for Senator Tim Scott’s reform bill, which is a big step forward – providing accountability, disincentives for no-knock warrants, linkage of grants to training, transparency on a national level to reduce prejudice.  He sets a national commission to study how young Black men are affected by disparities in education and justice.  Who can be against those objectives?

Finally, take a breath.  The nation has gone through similar times, faced radical violence before, and we survived.  The point is not to panic or postpone, but to step up, seeking responsible steps forward. Americans need to keep their heads, look to police reform, but stand up for the police. Without appreciation for law enforcement, crime and anarchy win.

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3 months ago

You suggestions would make perfect sense, if both political parties both cared about public safety and law and order. Unfortunately, the Democrat party has ceased trying to pretend they care about either. They have clearly aligned themselves with the terrorist groups promoting violence and destruction in the so-called name of racial justice. Neither BLM or ANTIFA is actually concerned with racial justice, but rather they are focused on the promotion and establishment of Marxist ideology on a global scale. Both groups are doing the exact same activities in numerous countries around the world using the exact same language and actions.… Read more »

Frank S.
3 months ago

Here’s why we’re seeing this repugnant behavior by the radical left: Over the past 50 years, cries of racism and victimhood has been the mantra of the Democrat Party to get and keep power. But with the onset of the Obama years, these two issues were put on steroids. Admittingly, racism, in any form and by any group, is disgustingly unacceptable. Is it just me, or am I wrong to believe the clarion call of racism has been heightened since the Obama administration came to power? I find it particularly ironic—and sad—that the man who sold himself as one who would… Read more »

Lawrence Greenberg
3 months ago

“Without Law Enforcement, Crime and Anarchy Win”  As a student of history, I can tell you that the hard Left always prefers anarchy. That is what enables them to slip in and take over countries, even though they never represent more than a tiny percentage of the population. For example, in 1917, during the Bolshevik Revolution, the Bolsheviks never numbered more than 1% of the population, yet due to the chaos and anarchy in the country at the time, they were able to simply march into the Parliament with armed soldiers during a session, arrest the entire government, and just… Read more »

3 months ago

Fund state militias. Keep gun loaded and ready. Know your gun and how to use it responsibly.

Paul W
3 months ago

The last word of the second sentence of this article is the entire reason that the left is pushing to defund police. They’re fully aware of the consequences. They’re evil, but they’re not stupid. Their minions, that’s another story, but the politicians and other leftist elitists know full well what they’re doing. Creating CHAOS. Without CHAOS, they don’t have a chance of furthering their agenda.

p h
3 months ago

The country has gone through things like this before and survived. But this time, many government officials are condoning, endorsing and helping those out to destroy the country. And the Marxists/leftists that have indoctrinated our children for years without our knowledge have paved the support of ignorant children and young adults as to what they are actually supporting. The kids think socialism is everyone having love and peace and sharing, when in actuality it mean hate and poverty and murders and being lorded over by the elites who have while most people have nothing. So this time, our country may… Read more »

3 months ago

If we continue on this course, one outcome, out of many options, will be vigilante justice, which will put everybody, including politicians, at greater risk. As desirable as that seem I can’t believe or accept a ‘no police’ option for law enforcement.

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Any person who thinks that most police are racist and stupid is not dealing with a full deck. Any person who thinks that whites should hand over their property and wealth, simply because they’re white, are actually ignorant racists themselves. America is a noble country with imperfect people. Destroying the USA will be one of the biggest tragedies in the history of mankind. Many, if not most, of our leaders are weak and selfish. They are emotionally overgrown children.

Kenneth Gehan
2 months ago

One definition of Insanity could be “de-funding the Police force”.

3 months ago

It is past time to stand up and voice opposition to this idiocy.

Patrick Bauer
2 months ago

An excellent article. I applaud all of the points raised and discussed. We need to support our law enforcement because the lawlessness needs to be curbed and controlled. We support the need for strong law enforcement.

2 months ago

Why don’t we address the real issues behind police misconduct. Let’s have a discussion about police unions that cover for bad cops and keep them on the force when they should be let go?

E. Fletcher
2 months ago

I worked in a grocery store. From all the black and white couples coming in shopping with their kids, I didn’t think we had a racial problem. Then came Obama. He stirred the crap until we are now back in the throws of the Watts riots. Even in the quiet mountain cities in the middle of the Bible Belt in Tennessee we have protests and marches and demonstrations. These protests are becoming more threatening and confrontational every day. BLM demonstrators approached a pawn shop to buy guns. The shop owner kicked them out and made reference to their New Panther… Read more »

Brenda Blunt
2 months ago

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am grateful that we have Police. I am grateful that they are willing to protect me and such. The Police need are.support, money for training, money for equipment, and anything they need.

2 months ago

I clearly see so many well informed responses to all of our present issues, so wish we as the people had more pull in this country beside just being able to vote. The radical left use their voices, strong arm innocent people, go on rampages, have reduced the mainstream media to wimps and all those who still believe in truth, justice and the American way seem to only have an occasional forum to vent and discuss. This seems so very one sided and we need stronger conservative voices to stand up, take charge and create groups nationwide so we the… Read more »

Art A
2 months ago

Hard to imagine a “social worker” accompanying police on a 911 call at 2AM.
Defend not Defund the police.
I believe that the Marxist method is to eliminate the police. Would that make it easier to take control?

2 months ago

I pray that the unrest subsides and cooler heads prevail. It is sad that I feel the need to arm myself to protect my home and family. In these democrat run cities, citizens need to vote them out to re-establish God ,Country ,and the America created and blessed in God we trust. Our children need schools and universities that prepare them to excel in careers so that all can reap the rewards – freedom, justice under the law, and opportunity that is based achievement. Anarchy will not prevail

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

Armed Block parties.
Armed citizens.
Militia groups.
Secure comm links estd.
& We can act since Courts wont help US
& side note check out: Parler.com for ALL AMAC vendors, employees, members.
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Megan Larson
3 months ago

Without law enforcement insurance rates would skyrocket or there would be none

2 months ago

Very wise, intelligent words to be heeded

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